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Murder Mysteries

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 and Mick Driscoll, Private Detective

P. M. Rooney
The Official Website of Author

Crime Fiction

P.M. (Pat) Rooney is a retired police officer. One of his hobbies is writing and since retiring, has finally had some time to finish the stories he started during his career. For more on Pat, click    here .

Pat writes murder mysteries and crime fiction that are rooted in reality, one of his objectives being to dispel some of the existing stereotypes and expectations about police and detective work.

Although primarily fiction, some of the incidents referred to are taken from Pat's experiences as a cop - though the names have been changed. Pat also adds in some history of the area so readers can gain a little background and perspective on the locations featured in the books. "Locals" will certainly enjoy the references, and there is enough imagery that all readers will feel like they frequented the area by the end of the books.

The first of Pat's novels, 'For Love Nor Love', has recently been released in print. Click   here    to go to the book's page . He is currently in the process of negotiating the publication of his second, 'Murder In the Pines'. Click   here   for more information on 'Murder In The Pines'. 

His third and fourth books, 'The Phoenix Affair' and 'Quack Quack, You're Dead' are slugging it out to see which one will be completed first. Keep an eye out for the release of these titles in hardcover, paperback, and eBook.

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